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Exciting News! The Diva Home & Lifestyle #podcast is now ranked #2 Listen & DOWNLOAD. Available on Podbean (www.divahomeandlifestyle.podbean.com), iTunes, Soundcloud, GoogleMusic, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, and BlogTalkRadio

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Researching NeighborHOODS


Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime and it is a 15-30 year commitment. So you want to feel safe about the area.  Here are some tips for conducting research so that you don’t fall in live with the eye candy home and know nothing about the area.  Your agent will find you the best house for the right price but it is YOUR resposibility to learn about the community even if you have lived there in the past or if you are familiar with the area because demographics change often.  Don’t be a victim to eye candy!  Learn about the neighborhood. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.  

Whether you are buying or selling a home, keep your head up, your hopes high and remember that it is not over until the keys are exchanged!

The websites mentioned includes:

Researching Homes:  realtor.com and homesnap.com

Demographics: city-data, Movoto, The Census Bureau, City websites, County websites, Neighborhoodscout, Google

Crime: Neighborhoodscout, spotcrime, city-data

Sex Offender Registry: The Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services (public information)  


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The Step by Step Process for Buying a Home


Whether you are a 1st time homebuyer or you haven’t purchased in years and need a refresher, this podcast is for you.  Learn the step by step process of purchasing a home so that you will know what to expect and be empowered to make an informed decision.  Also join us on Facebook to get your questions answered or to share your experiences www.facebook.com/groups/divahomeandlifestyle or feel free to get in touch with me at realestatedivabrenda@gmail.com.  Thank you for listening

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Don’t Fall for Love at First Sight

Shop around to avoid missing red flags or regretting your decision. Buying the first house you look at it is kind of like marrying the first person you go on a date — not necessarily a good idea. The average homebuyer looks at least 10 homes over an eight-week search before making an offer. While you don’t need to visit every home in the neighborhood, you should compare at least three homes before making a decision.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should give yourself enough time to shop around:

You might find similar features in another home. When you go on your first showing, you have nothing to compare the home’s pros and cons with. You might love the steam shower in the master bathroom, but another listing nearby might have a better — with a lower asking price.

You’ll learn more about each home’s resale value. Shopping around can help you get a sense of the neighborhood and can help you gauge which homes have been over-developed for the area. If you buy the nicest home on the block, your property won’t appreciate at the same rate that the surrounding homes do, and you might have trouble selling when you choose to move on.

You’ll catch red flags before you rush in. Rushing to the closing table can also cause you to miss serious maintenance issues. Finding “the surprise behind door number three” is only exciting on The Price is Right, so make sure you look in every room in the house. If any rooms are “off limits” during the showing, arrange to see them later and have your home inspector examine them carefully.

You won’t wonder if “the grass is greener” across the street. Surveying your options will also help you avoid buyer’s remorse. If you buy without looking at several homes, you could end up feeling as though you’ve made a mistake. If you still love the first house you saw after visiting a few more listings, you can be confident in your decision to make an offer.

Source: HGTV, Deanne Revel

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Home Modifications to Help you Age in Place


More people are choosing to “Age in Place” in their forever home instead of downsizing and moving into an assistant living or retirement community. In this episode, I share some ways that you can make modifications to your home so that you can gracefully age in place. Follow Us www.facebook.com/divahomeandlifestyle or www.facebook.com/realestatedivabrenda

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DIY Credit Repair

If you are having #credit issues it likely means that you’re also having #financial challenges. Owning a #home could mean unexpected #repairs. Creating new money habits will help you to save an emergency fund. There are also TONS of Facebook (FB) Groups & Pages regarding finances & #creditrepair. Purposefully look for companies/persons who ADD value and teach you success strategies and not just take your money. Here are some RESOURCES to help:

Credit Shield 360 (FREE credit repair) *
The Credit Repair University including ($$) and FB Live *
Lexington Law ($$)

Facebook Groups & Pages:
His and Her Money
Credit Repo
Tower Above Financial Coaching
Dream Catchers: liver richer w/the Budgetnista
The Frugal Creditnista
Da Credit Plug LLC
* Highly recommended


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Diva Home & Lifestyle Podcast.. NOW on Blog Talk Radio


The Diva Home & Lifestyle #podcast is NOW on Blog Talk Radio!  This podcast caters to prospective and current #homeowners. The station offers practical tips on #buyingahome, #sellingahome and #realestateinvesting, #creditrepair, #finances, #housekeeping tips, #lifehacks, #recipes, #DIY projects ideas, #gardening advice, #remedies and more tips to help make your #house a happy #home. Hosted by #RealEstateDivaBrendaDouglas

Always looking for #expert guests. Send your pitch to realestatedivabrenda@gmail.com

Also available on #Podbean #iTunes, #Spreaker, #Stitcher, #SoundCloud, #GooglePlayMusic and now on #BlogTalkRadio

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