Social Media Joy!

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I am SOO proud of myself! A while back, I decided that I would enjoy the real estate journey. I love social media websites and so I was fortunate and excited to start many different social media websites using my specific brand name “Real Estate Diva Brenda”. Even though some of the websites, I have yet to learn how to use with the goals of generating real estate leads and helping my client base grow.  I guess I will just have to learn as I go.

For most of them you have to get a certain number of “likes” or “friends” before you can get a personalized Url.  But, I’ve learned some ways to increase exposure including: joining a group because sometimes you or a group member can start a “like for a like” campaign where you like someone’s page and they like yours in return. It’s a great way to boost your exposure and increase your followers.  Additionally, you can add “friends” or send “friend” requests; contact or “friend” affiliates of your business type (for example, real estate agent “friend” inspectors, contractors, settlement agents); pay for ad campaigns; or share information from one of your websites to direct traffic to other website.  For example, I am working on getting more Pinterest followers (my new love). And so I post some of my Pinterest photos on Facbook and say something like, if you are interested in viewing more luxury homes, visit my website at I also suggest that you google search terms like “social media marketing” or “ways to increase followers on social media websites” to learn more ways to get increased exposure.  I hope that helps you.

By the way, feel free to visit any of my websites and provide feedback, likes, or comments.

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Until next time, enjoy life’s journey!

Brenda                                                                                                                                   Real Estate D.I.V.A.                                                                                             Distinguished. Indispensable. Valiant. Authoritative.                                                         


About Real Estate Diva Brenda Douglas

Brenda Douglas aka Real Estate Diva Brenda is a luxury/probate agent, blogger/vlogger, seminar leader, Diva Home & Lifestyle Podcaster & Co-Author. The DMV is one of the most desirable places to live, work, and visit! And I can help you live here. Whether you want to buy, sell or invest in a DMV (DC, MD, VA) property, I can help! Contact me to get started today at YouTube Channel: KWPP Mobile App:
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  1. We are going through this right now! It’s so tricky! The market it tough too!


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