Agents from all Walks of Life

Everyone has a past. And real estate agents are no different.  They come from all walks of life, have different backgrounds, and have had experiences that have contributed to their personal and professional development.  You and your agent may have more in common than you think.  I asked thousands of agents to share their past occupation and here are some of the responses:

  • Accountant, K.F.
  • Accounts Receivable Manager, D.G.
  • Advertising Sales Manager, O.P.
  • Art Gallery Owner, F.N.
  • Banker Teller, D.D.
  • Bartender, R.D.
  • Blogger, V.M.
  • Bookkeeper, O.B.
  • Boutique Owner, L.F.
  • Bridal Consultant, B.B.
  • Car Salesman, P.W.
  • Caregiver, S.L.
  • Chef, B.R.
  • Commercial Roofer, U.B.
  • Computer Technician, S.L.
  • Copyright Editor, W.P.
  • Crisis Counselor, M.N.
  • Customer Service Supervisor, Q.J.
  • Daycare Owner, C.N.
  • Dental Assistant, D.A.
  • Deputy Sheriff, J.S.
  • Equity Accountant, A.C.
  • Executive Administrative Assistant, B.D.
  • Factory worker, D.O.
  • FedEx Driver, K.S.
  • Flight Attendant, I.P.
  • Gift Shop Owner, Y.H.
  • Graphic designer, Z.P.
  • Hair Salon Owner, D.R.
  • Headhunter, N.B.
  • Healthcare Administrator, J.N.
  • Home Builder, T.B.
  • Home Stager, L.A.
  • Hospital Administrator, D.G.
  • Insurance Agents, S.M.
  • Insurance Broker, V.M.
  • Interior Designer, Z.D.
  • Inventory Supervisor, Y.H.
  • Jewelry Store Manager, R.V.
  • Makeup Artist, S.B.
  • Marketing Manager, A.G.
  • Mechanical Engineering, J.M.
  • Medical Administrator, H.L.
  • Medical Bill Collector, N.F.
  • Mortgage Broker, F.D.
  • Mortgage Closer, T.F.
  • News Anchor, Z.M.
  • Nurse Practitioner, V.C.
  • On the Air Radio Personality, B.P.
  • Opera Singer, A.G.
  • Paralegal, H.L.
  • Pastor, W.S.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer, G.P.
  • Photographer, G.L.
  • Police Officer, S.M.
  • Procurement Manager, C.S.
  • Psychic, L.H.
  • Real Estate Investor, D.P.
  • Registered Nurse, K.T.
  • Restaurant Worker, D.W.
  • Retail Manager, H.L.
  • Riding Instructor, T.H.
  • Sales Associate, R.C.
  • Senior Center Director, B.N.
  • Sign Language Interpreter, P.D.
  • Social Worker, G.N.
  • Software Engineer, V.S.
  • Stay at home mom, J.S.
  • Stereo Sales Associate, J.N.
  • Student, G.H.
  • Supervisor, Trucking Company, G.T.
  • Teacher, D.M.
  • Telemarketer, B.S.
  • Title Agent, F.R.
  • Trust Officer, E.W.
  • Underwear Model, M.B.
  • UPS Driver, F.L.
  • US Postal Carrier, I.V.
  • Veterinarian, K.C.
  • Waitress, E.M.
  • Yacht Captain. J.D.

Finding common ground with your real estate agent is a great way to establish rapport, enjoy the real estate journey, and make the process more memorable.

Always make it your goal to connect with your agent on a personal level so that you can enjoy the journey, make a friend, and find the home of your dreams with pleasure!


About Real Estate Diva Brenda Douglas

Brenda Douglas aka Real Estate Diva Brenda is a luxury/probate agent, blogger/vlogger, seminar leader, Diva Home & Lifestyle Podcaster & Co-Author. The DMV is one of the most desirable places to live, work, and visit! And I can help you live here. Whether you want to buy, sell or invest in a DMV (DC, MD, VA) property, I can help! Contact me to get started today at YouTube Channel: KWPP Mobile App:
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