Cards on Cars Campaign


Walking and standing on your feet for hours in ninety degree weather with 46% humidity that makes the temperature feel like ninety-three degrees is not the perfect way to start a Saturday morning.  But, when you are driven by passion and success, one of the things that you focus on is letting the world know that you are a real estate agent who is able to help anyone buy and sell a home.

Ironically, I woke up this morning and decided to give myself a day off and make it a lazy day.  But first, I had to make a trip to the department store.  I pulled into the department store parking lot; looked over at the large hardware store next door; then down at the box of 250 business cards that I keep in my car. And then I had a great idea.  I decided that I would have a “cards on cars campaign”.  Statistics show that for every 100 contacts that you make, you may get one call.  So it’s important that you keep going and make as many contacts as possible without giving up.  As a real estate agent, you are responsible for finding your own leads (person identified as a potential customer or prospect). So you must go after the business no matter how creative you get.

Although it is not typical for real estate agents to put business cards on cars, I pride myself on “thinking outside of the box.”  I enjoy doing whatever it takes to use unconventional means to sell homes and attract buyers.  As a result, I expect goodness & mercy (buyers & sellers) to follow me with an abundance of buyers and sellers.

Now, it’s true that success can mean different things to different people; and naturally, receiving a call or an email would definitely be ultimate success.  But, for me, having the humility and courage to distribute 250 business cards in the extreme heat without giving up; meeting a home improvement contractor; meeting an entrepreneur who is able to help people (potential buyers/sellers) repair their credit so that they can buy a home; and meeting a real estate investor who is ready to purchase an investment property makes for the perfect Saturday morning cards on cars campaign!! …Especially when the idea was totally spontaneous.  I LOVE my job.  And I love meeting wonderful people.

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey!

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Brenda Douglas aka Real Estate Diva Brenda is a luxury/probate agent, blogger/vlogger, seminar leader, Diva Home & Lifestyle Podcaster & Co-Author. The DMV is one of the most desirable places to live, work, and visit! And I can help you live here. Whether you want to buy, sell or invest in a DMV (DC, MD, VA) property, I can help! Contact me to get started today at YouTube Channel: KWPP Mobile App:
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