Persistence Matters!


For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling a little disheartened.  I feel like I have done so much and yet I have accomplished very little in terms of seeing results. For those of you who are not familiar with what real estate agents have to go through, we, like any other entrepreneur, must pursue the business. At a regular job, the work load is given to you but as an entrepreneur you must create the workload.  And one of the ways that we do this is by letting people know that we are in business to serve our clients.  Real Estate Agents can pursue business by either purchasing leads (prospective consumers who have shown interest in buying a home or selling a home and provides his or her contact information), or an agent can be empowered to “fish” or go after his own leads. I am the ladder. I feel that I should be so equipped with how to run and build a real estate business that, 1. Coach other agents and 2. Move anywhere across the country, get licensed in that state and have real estate success.

My current goal is to have success on a shoestring budget, instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing, so that I can continue to train rookie real estate agents to work with the resources that they have available at the starting point.  For example, there are a few low to no cost activities that can be done when they are starting out including: telephone calls, door knocking, and emails.

But lately, I have been feeling frustrated because I have not had the success that I had envisioned and I feel like I have worked extremely hard.  For this quarterly campaign (6/01/15 – 9/30/15), “Working with Sellers”, I have accomplished:  knocking on 105 Doors; 285, 1-way contacts via calls & emails; 55, 2-Way (face-to-face) contacts; 58 social media posts on Facebook, Tweets, Google+; mailed 40 “It was nice talking to you” cards (after phone calls or door knocking contact); and placed 250 business cards on cars.  But, unfortunately, I have been getting very little results, if any, from prospective sellers.

Now, I know that having the right perspective and persistence with anything will lead to success. And that if I am faithful to the process, the harvest will surely come but my biggest concern is that the seasons are changing from Summer to Fall.   Therefore, I am concerned that I may not be able to do as much as I did in the warm summer months because the time is now changing and it’s getting cooler.

Nevertheless, I am solution-minded and so I decided to review my system and workflow process.  I will also need to review what has been working, what has not; weigh the pros and cons of each; and then possibly alter or add to my activities. Finally, I am going to reconnect with other agents, network with affiliates (Loan Officers, Settlement Agents, Inspectors, etc…) so that I can stay inspired.  The most important thing is to NOT GIVE UP!!!  I will keep you posted.

Feel free to visit any of my websites and provide feedback, likes, or comments.

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey!

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